The Spanish Society of Statistics and Operational Research (SEIO) in collaboration with the Ramiro Melendreras Foundation, announces the Ramiro Melendreras award, for the best work presented by a young researcher at the XXXVIII Spanish Conference on Statistics and Operational Research, which will be held at Alcoi from 3rd to 6th September 2019.

List of candidates:

  • Javier Álvarez Liébana

    Prediction of air pollutants PM10 by ARBX(1) processes
    J. Álvarez-Liébana, M.D. Ruiz-Medina
  • Sandra Benítez Peña

    Feature Selection in Data Envelopment Analysis: A Mathematical Optimization approach
    S. Benítez Peña, P. Bogetoft, D. Romero Morales
  • Rubén Campoy García

    A new projection method for finding the closest point in the intersection of convex sets
    R. Campoy, F.J. Aragón Artacho
  • Surendra Devi Chagaboina

    On the Computation of Poisson Probabilities
    S.D. Chagaboina, J.A. Carrasco, V. Suñé
  • Irene Mariñas Collado

    A Phylogenetic Gaussian process model for the evolution of curves embedded in d-dimensions
    I. Mariñas-Collado, A. Bowman, V. Macaulay
  • Carmen Minuesa Abril

    Inference in population-size-dependent branching processes
    C. Minuesa Abril, P. Braunsteins, S. Hautphenne
  • Mercedes Pelegrín García

    Clustering, eigenvector centrality and optimization: An innovative model for network analysis
    M. Pelegrín, E. Carrizosa, A. Marín
  • Luis Alberto Rodríguez Ramírez

    Directional differentiability for supremum-type functionals: statistical applications
    L.A. Rodríguez, J. Cárcamo, A. Cuevas

Conditions can be found here.

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