M. Marcos Pérez, J. A. Mesa López-Colmenar, F. A. Ortega Riejos

Nowadays there is an increasing interest, on the one hand, in getting an adequate modelling of the evolution of fires and, on the other, in locating a set of resources when fighting fire is proposed. The modelling of the evolution of fire based on Huigens principle with local elliptical diffusion leads to the envelope of a family of ellipses. Moreover, discrete decomposition of space in grid cells has allowed the formulation of resource location problems as discrete location problems, as for example the maximal covering or the p-cover problems.
However, the continuous nature of fire poses an important but challenging task considering continuous models of fire propagation. In this study we propose the location of a set of points in order to minimize the time to catch the wildfire in a heterogeneous scenario of initial ignitions.

Keywords: Continuous location, Wildfire suppression.


GT1-3 Location
September 3, 2019  6:30 PM
I3L8. Georgina Blanes building

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