M. Albareda Sambola, O. Lordan

A limited number of essential facilities need to be located in the nodes of a connected undirected graph G= (V, E) where each edge can become unavailable with a given probability. In some scenarios, after removing the edges that are not available, the graph can become disconnected. In such a scenario, a given node of the graph is considered to be covered if there is at least one facility located at its connected component. The goal of the maximum expected covering location problem in a graph with unreliable edges is to locate up to p facilities in the nodes of the graph, so that the expected number of covered nodes is maximized. We propose a new heuristic for this problem based on network flows, and compare it with the state-of-the art Tabu Search from the literature for different graph structures and under different assumptions on the distribution of the edge failures.

Keywords: Discrete Location, Unreliable network


GT1-2 Location
September 3, 2019  4:50 PM
I3L8. Georgina Blanes building

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