V. Blanco, S. García-Quiles

The Maximal Covering Location Problem (MCLP) consists of locating a fixed number of facilities so that the covered demand is maximized. As Euclidean distances on the plane are used in the MCLP, the geometric shape used to cover the demand point is a circle. A much less studied variant of this problem is to use not circles but ellipses to cover the points, which has applications to wireless telecommunications networks. Now, a number of ellipses from a given set is to be selected, and their centers are to be located anywhere on the plane, and the goal is to maximize the profit of covering the demand points. The existing methodologies for the problem are based on nonlinear mixed integer programming formulations and sophisticated heuristics (Cambolat and Von Massow, 2009; Andretta and Birgin, 2013). We use some geometric properties of this problem to
give a different integer linear formulation able to solve much larger instances, as it will be shown with in our computational study.

Keywords: Covering Location, Integer Programming


GT1-1 Location
September 3, 2019  3:30 PM
I3L8. Georgina Blanes building

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